Hi everyone!

Allow me to introduce myself; I’m currently a student at Washtenaw Community College pursuing a degree in nursing. I wear three hats in the professional world: Certified Nurse Assistant and Dementia Care Specialist at Glacier Hills Retirement Community in Ann Arbor, Michigan; Student Activities Officer in the Student Development and Acitivities Department at Washtenaw Community College; and Business Owner at TLC Cleaning, LLC. This blends my need for orderliness, passion for helping others, and excitement in meeting new people and making new connections.
My interests vary from spending time outdoors through the WCC Outdoors Club, to attending music concerts, parenting, the healthcare field, clinical research, psychology, and I’m a huge animal lover!
Acedemically speaking, I like creative writing, but math and science are my strong suits.
My future aspirations include obtaining a position where I can reach out to others and share my passion for helping those in need, preferably in the medical field. I’d like to work somewhere that allows me to have my own space. A space to think creatively and achieve excellence through my dedication to the company and their goals.
I am motivated through competition, teamwork, ethics and recognition.
In the future, I see myself leaving Washtenaw Community College not only as a graduate, but someone who changed something for the better; started a new club, created a new event for students, or even came up with a different operational system for completing a task.


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