Babies and Band-Aides; Following the Childhood Dream

Childhood, a time in our lives when most of us remember making friends, our favorite toys, summers outdoors, time spent at “nana and papa’s” and the freedom of playtime. For myself it was the freedom of playtime that allowed me to tap into what would be known as my “childhood dream”.

Alongside my favorite dolls and teddy bears, playtime was spent in my little oasis that I created. Looking at my oasis, one might question if there were any Band-Aides left in the house because about a box and a half of them were plastered onto my dolls arms and legs and clinging to the fuzz on my courageous teddy bears. I was playing nurse, one of my favorites, but as I grew older and my interests spread from sports to boys to college, one thing always stuck; my babies and their Band-Aide’s.

It was no surprise to those who knew me that I had chosen nursing to be my career. Of course it now means more than just bandaging “boo-boo’s” and giving cuddles to my teddy bears. It means having the empathy, the compassion, and the drive to be the advocate for my residents and to fulfull their needs while in my care. I am a Ceritified Nurse Assistant and Dementia Care Specialist and well on my way to becoming an RN with goals of a BSN.

Following my career goals and the many educational paths one might call it dedication, commitment to living out who I am, but I would call it following the childhood dream.


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