This week, while working with clubs and the Five-Star Leadership Training Program, I was pondering ways to get club leaders involved with this program. Not that this program is new, but thinking about how the involvement in this program as a new club leader benefits the club and how being a current existing club leader in attendance will benefit them. My light bulb moment came while surfing my LinkedIn page. I looked at my endorsements and remember thinking it would be way better if I’d have more people endorse my skills section. Then I connected endorsements and the training program to create endorsement of the training program as an incentive to attend, complete, and recruit new members for student clubs. After meeting with my mentor, and getting the big “that’s a good idea” look from him, he suggested calling them “5-Star Clubs”. Who wouldn’t want to join a club that was not only interesting and appealing when added to a college resume, but also one that was listed as being a “5-Star Club”. What would that look like for those club members? Which doors would that endorsement open for them? I feel like this is the brink of greatness.


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