Office Communications

The past two weeks have given me a chance to grow in the area of communication. I have learned that because my role’s duties somewhat overlap those of another’s, I need impeccable communication skills.

After the embarrassing “uh-oh” and “oops” I’ve learned to take a step back. Instead of assuming and acting, I ask more questions with nonexistent fear of interrupting my managers. It’s more important to know what is going on and to communicate than it is to act like I know what I’m doing or saying and then having to retrace my steps because I’ve assumed something in the first place.

While my intentions were to jump in and show my managers what I’m capable of, I also showed miscommunications and ultimately unprofessionalism.

Through those miscommunications I have learned how to prevent future miscommunications and to never, EVER, assume something it set in stone when really it’s pending. Preventing this comes in the form of more email communications, more active listening, engaging in meetings like our weekly staff meetings and also bringing up new business to be discussed in such meetings. I don’t mind looking like the fool for a moment if I’m the only one who doesn’t understand something. Chances are, someone else doesn’t fully understand either.

I knew before that things can be interpreted many different ways. If I say the word “chair” someone will think of a rocking chair, or a plain, four posted and minimally cushioned waiting room chair, while I may think of a nice leather, vacation-attitude-inducing, recliner. If there’s one important lesson I learned in WCC’s Intrapersonal Communications class a few semesters back, it’s that people give meaning to words; words don’t already have meaning.

Sender + Receiver = Communication.



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