Marketing, marketing, and more marketing! Oh, but wait, there’s more! You guessed it; marketing!

I feel I have learned so much and done so much. I’m learning that I really like marketing! This week I’ve been busy doing marketing for the SDA. I’ve completed ten 8.5″ x 11″ flyers for events, along with a double sided flyer, robust with upcoming events. I’ve also added several events to the Student Activities Calendar, available for viewing via the link below. 

I added the same events to the polka dot calendar on the college’s main website, available via the link below. These events were finalized and published by Rachel Barsch, the Student Activities Coordinator.

I’m waiting on access to the Student Activities Outlook calendar so that I can post them there as well. After completing the flyers I have organized the staff meeting agenda, lead the staff meeting on Wednesday where I also gave out staff kudos, and sent out meeting minutes to all Student Activities staff members. I have sent out an end-of-the-week email detailing this week’s accomplishments, happenings for next week, attachments, and reminders. 

While updating, copying, and printing new materials for the SDA’s Promo Kit, I also encouraged updates for the WCC Sports flyers. Ronnie in the Sports office updated the email to the new Sports Coordinator’s email address and I added another form of connecting with the SDA  to the back of the flyer.

The SDA Hub Alerts will have two new posts promoting September’s events as well as reminding students about next week’s events. This was made easier to publish after having completed the upcoming events flyer and the latest Washtenaw Voice ad.  

Along side marketing, I’m the volunteer coordinator for this fall’s Free College Day! I have made a google form for volunteers to sign-up for the event. I’ve attended and spoken at a meeting for this event with several department heads in attendance.

Working the front desk while accomplishing all of these tasks has been challenging at times with people coming in, phones ringing, and colleagues needing tasks completed quicker than human fingers can type.


I’m so excited to work at these upcoming events and to continue to do marketing and work with the Student Activities Office!


Office Communications

The past two weeks have given me a chance to grow in the area of communication. I have learned that because my role’s duties somewhat overlap those of another’s, I need impeccable communication skills.

After the embarrassing “uh-oh” and “oops” I’ve learned to take a step back. Instead of assuming and acting, I ask more questions with nonexistent fear of interrupting my managers. It’s more important to know what is going on and to communicate than it is to act like I know what I’m doing or saying and then having to retrace my steps because I’ve assumed something in the first place.

While my intentions were to jump in and show my managers what I’m capable of, I also showed miscommunications and ultimately unprofessionalism.

Through those miscommunications I have learned how to prevent future miscommunications and to never, EVER, assume something it set in stone when really it’s pending. Preventing this comes in the form of more email communications, more active listening, engaging in meetings like our weekly staff meetings and also bringing up new business to be discussed in such meetings. I don’t mind looking like the fool for a moment if I’m the only one who doesn’t understand something. Chances are, someone else doesn’t fully understand either.

I knew before that things can be interpreted many different ways. If I say the word “chair” someone will think of a rocking chair, or a plain, four posted and minimally cushioned waiting room chair, while I may think of a nice leather, vacation-attitude-inducing, recliner. If there’s one important lesson I learned in WCC’s Intrapersonal Communications class a few semesters back, it’s that people give meaning to words; words don’t already have meaning.

Sender + Receiver = Communication.


Dead Man Walking

Sometimes after what seems like a million mistakes I feel like a dead man walking. Thank goodness I have the tenacity to push through it knowing that I’m learning from my mistakes. What I do incorrectly today, will be done correctly tomorrow. I’m proud of what I’m learning although some of them are just “Well duh!” moments. These past few weeks I have learned to send a copy of all email correspondence to my supervisors, send mass emails through BCC, get a second look at long notes before sending them, be willing to receive critique, and know that the team is always here for me.





This week, while working with clubs and the Five-Star Leadership Training Program, I was pondering ways to get club leaders involved with this program. Not that this program is new, but thinking about how the involvement in this program as a new club leader benefits the club and how being a current existing club leader in attendance will benefit them. My light bulb moment came while surfing my LinkedIn page. I looked at my endorsements and remember thinking it would be way better if I’d have more people endorse my skills section. Then I connected endorsements and the training program to create endorsement of the training program as an incentive to attend, complete, and recruit new members for student clubs. After meeting with my mentor, and getting the big “that’s a good idea” look from him, he suggested calling them “5-Star Clubs”. Who wouldn’t want to join a club that was not only interesting and appealing when added to a college resume, but also one that was listed as being a “5-Star Club”. What would that look like for those club members? Which doors would that endorsement open for them? I feel like this is the brink of greatness.

Babies and Band-Aides; Following the Childhood Dream

Childhood, a time in our lives when most of us remember making friends, our favorite toys, summers outdoors, time spent at “nana and papa’s” and the freedom of playtime. For myself it was the freedom of playtime that allowed me to tap into what would be known as my “childhood dream”.

Alongside my favorite dolls and teddy bears, playtime was spent in my little oasis that I created. Looking at my oasis, one might question if there were any Band-Aides left in the house because about a box and a half of them were plastered onto my dolls arms and legs and clinging to the fuzz on my courageous teddy bears. I was playing nurse, one of my favorites, but as I grew older and my interests spread from sports to boys to college, one thing always stuck; my babies and their Band-Aide’s.

It was no surprise to those who knew me that I had chosen nursing to be my career. Of course it now means more than just bandaging “boo-boo’s” and giving cuddles to my teddy bears. It means having the empathy, the compassion, and the drive to be the advocate for my residents and to fulfull their needs while in my care. I am a Ceritified Nurse Assistant and Dementia Care Specialist and well on my way to becoming an RN with goals of a BSN.

Following my career goals and the many educational paths one might call it dedication, commitment to living out who I am, but I would call it following the childhood dream.